Sunday, January 5, 2014


Walmart was a nightmare - everyone out shopping like this snowstorm would be their last sorta thing. And lately people have been quite rude. In this area that is very unusual. Of course I could not find most of what I was looking for. I wanted another small 3 ring notebook - Now I have seen them in there before, and this time nothing but the tabbed dividers for them. Oh well....

I made myself a "fake modori" I like this set up - had bought a planner to print out, love the docket pages, plus I bound a mixed media booklet to add in there. The cover is a piece of craft foam.

Now on to the facebook projects. I keep changing my mind. So I played with making my own tissue tapes. Some are made with tissue paper and some double sided tape I had. They turned out pretty nice. Then I have done the masking tape and medical tape with stamps and painted. Those are pretty cool looking.. All for the documented life project. Think I have decided to go ahead and tip in pages to the planner I printed out for the "fake modori".

Journal 52 is based on making your own pages to put into a 3 ring notebook - I'm thinking to go ahead and make my own pages for that for the small 3 ring notebook I have.

Root: 30 day journal project will be joined with the Journal 52 - since its mostly writing journal prompts.

So I have decided today thats the way I should go - now sticking to it - no more mind changing - I am hoping.

The snow keeps coming down this morning. I am such the homebody, and really don't mind, but am already wishing for spring and no more snow. We haven't really had that much snow, it is the cold that is messing me up.

Today being Sunday, the only thing I really need to get done is the laundry... so in between loads - I will be doing some more artwork..I need to get those swaps taken care of on that I am hosting. I haven't got my artwork done yet, finally got caught up with my weekly mojo's except for the one from last Wednesday...

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