Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fake Modori Cover

OMG! Got a cover finally made that fits perfect  second try of course - has even a flap - its so freaking cool! I am in love! And I don't say that often... I love the fake leather with my fake modori - need to get a picture!

Saw a video where some one made washie tape with address labels - then one with masking tape on freezer paper and run through the printer -- so I play and made some of those last night... instead of freezer paper I took a piece of acetate and lined up masking tape on it - the ink wasn't dry when I put a sealer on it so it smeared but hey I like it.

Seriously thinking of redoing the planner part of it - beginning to do strange things at the binding side - may just keep going with it.. I want to work on the tabs again - the paper clips are not holding the thin sheet of planner paper - may have to glue them in or reinforce the pages somehow..

Still working on my heart booklet swap - found some small gold doilies to work into them somehow.

behind on The Documented Life project - last week it was doors - this week is selfie and your word for the year if you have one...and I don't do pictures - driver license - that is it

Journal 52 - haven't done that prompt Up Up and away - all I can think of is that movie I took the grand kids to.

Haven't even touched the email one - its mostly writing - that one may never get done.

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