Saturday, January 11, 2014


Had to get out of the house - the sun is shining and the temps are raising - suppose to be nearly 60 tomorrow they say - we will see - so happy the sun is out - grateful that it is - uplifts moods all around.

Went up to a little five and dime store we have in town - you can find about anything you need - odd stuff - if they don't have it - they will order it - Actually went for paper doilies - thought I would look to see if they has some stuff that looked like leather - I found some and got 1/2 yard - black is all they had - So my fake modori will be getting a new cover - actually have enough for several - and it only cost me 2.29 - what a cheap deal - its thick enough, it might actually last a while with the elastic cord being pulled on - not like the craft foam - May even round the corners of all my inserts & cover if this works. Roughly measuring - it looks like I can get about 5 to 6 out of that piece. Ah about 50 cents a cover give or take.. yeah! great deal I think..won't be losing much if doesn't work but the feel of it - pretty darn sure it will work. I am doing a happy dance today!

added note: yes - its going to work out - cut the first cover a bit too short width wise and a bit too long length wise - I know measure twice cut once.

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