Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Journal 52

for the journal 52 prompts - the first one had me stumped - up, up and away - it was like I didn't want to do my take on butterflies wings or balloons... so I let it ride - second prompt came around and it was - somewhere, a simple place and it just hit me - that song that has been on repeat in my head since I heard it


Pocketful of Sunshine...

Looks like I got both prompts done at once - I am not really done with it - would like to do some doodles on it - I can't seem to do all that writing people do on their pages... now for pictures of it

it is a two page spread
Left side

 Right side 

I think it needs some doodles

Added note - pages include scraps of card stock, butterflies that were just hanging out in a box of scraps, velum to to print the lyrics on, magazine page of the sky, found images on a watercolor background and a piece of writing paper with the sunset on it - lots of glue - everything was out of my stash 

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