Monday, January 13, 2014

3 x 5 Resolutions Swap

For the 3 x 5 resolutions swap I am hosting on - this is my cards - I will make them all similar but not the same but mighty close .

And for Journal 52 - couldn't get past the first prompt then she posted the second prompt and then the ideas just popped into my head - so I got it laid out at least in my mind - gathered what images etc I wanted to use. So it will be the next thing to do after the rest of my 3 x 5 cards are done.

The documented life project - those washi taped edges in my planner just isn't doing it for me - don't know why - might just be not for me - So the plan is - to do individual pages to put in a 3 ring notebook along with the Journal 52 - Thought about size but you know - might as well be a regular notebook sized - then I might washi tape the edges of those pages to keep them separate in the notebook - not crazy about all those tip in or tip outs but might add one or two along the way...

On both projects I was being so indecisive that nothing much was getting done so I hope I will be done with that part of it so I can enjoy the process. Hated the mess in my fake modori in the planner part. Just wasnt feeling the love.... for it there... 

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