Monday, January 27, 2014


This silly weather - not surprised everyone is sick - come on - 65 degrees yesterday and woke to 10 degrees - and they are talking single digits tonight  JOY! Apparently the wind was really bad last night but I didn't hear a thing.

So my art muse has taken a leave - might be the cold weather - who knows - need to schedule some free time for just playing, maybe if I spend some time playing Miss Muse might come by to play also - I try the old trick of cleaning out a box or drawer in my craft room - something always inspires me - last night I cut old folders down to book size to work on.. and tonight I loosely water colored a back ground paper for one of my journal prompts - its drying over there - not sure if I will get another one done before bed time.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Got into my mojo zone last night because Ghost Hunters started their new season - It just feels right working on my weekly mojo sitting there watching the show, but since not being able to do this for months, I didn't realize when to stop. Mojo will probably need lots of color since it looks too busy in black and white.

Prepared for redoing The Documented Life - that planner was just too much for me - just wasn't feeling the love there... Since Journal 52 uses a three ring notebook to add your pages to I'm going that route with it. That means redoing those pages in a bigger format since the notebook I am using is the standard 8 1/2 x 11".
found a paper pad that measures the same so no more cutting of paper, unless I want to go way out there with the mixed media. So I got dividers made, extra paper set up, and all the information printed out.

So right now my desk area is in a mess again (why is that?) Since we are having another below 10 degrees day - I will not be going out for any reason, I will be working on straightening up around here... and when I get done with that - I will spend the rest of the day playing with some art. As cold as it is though - I may have to break out the hot cocoa or hot tea to drink along the way...

I'm am thinking also to redo my routine around here - been sorta lax on that - just feel the need to accomplish a bit more than I do within any given day.  Mama always said it take 21 days to make or break a habit..

Saturday, January 18, 2014

some art done today

Aha! got a little art going there - finally caught up on my MOJO's - Hey being the one to host it on  I sorta need to keep up with it. I'm going to blame Ghost Hunters for it - the new season start January 22 and you know where I will be on Wednesday nights watching and doing my mojo for the week. Its kind of hard to get them done without Ghost Hunters being on for some reason.. Habit maybe

Started another little project with a friend - we are going to pass our journal back and forth and do art in them. I made a journal for it and made a cover for it today...

Friday, January 17, 2014

no muse?

Apparently the old gal left me - we were having fun, at least I thought so -- yesterday was a big bust in the way of art - maybe today she will come back to play... at least I am hoping

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not much accomplished today

Not much accomplished - got most of the laundry done - leaving one load - made a batch of sugar cookies - dishes and all the other normal day to day routine. No artwork - it was one of those days - energy level low- oh well there is always tomorrow


Not even sure what I want to do today - really need to play catch up on my "Once A Week MOJO" challenge I host on Wednesday at I post 4 patterns from the list of patterns on the forum. And the challenge is to make some art work to make them work together.. In about 12 more week I have done it for a year now.

Then there is the Documented Life prompts - way behind there...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Grand-daughter's Big Reveal

My grand-daughter's big reveal:

yes I am becoming a great-nana for the very first time - oh where does the time go? It feels like yesterday they brought her home from the hospital...(Yeah 18 years ago) :)

Journal 52

for the journal 52 prompts - the first one had me stumped - up, up and away - it was like I didn't want to do my take on butterflies wings or balloons... so I let it ride - second prompt came around and it was - somewhere, a simple place and it just hit me - that song that has been on repeat in my head since I heard it

Pocketful of Sunshine...

Looks like I got both prompts done at once - I am not really done with it - would like to do some doodles on it - I can't seem to do all that writing people do on their pages... now for pictures of it

it is a two page spread
Left side

 Right side 

I think it needs some doodles

Added note - pages include scraps of card stock, butterflies that were just hanging out in a box of scraps, velum to to print the lyrics on, magazine page of the sky, found images on a watercolor background and a piece of writing paper with the sunset on it - lots of glue - everything was out of my stash 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Swaps Are Done

Okay I have my swaps done on Off to work on some prompts - sorta behind now.

3 x 5 Resolutions Swap

For the 3 x 5 resolutions swap I am hosting on - this is my cards - I will make them all similar but not the same but mighty close .

And for Journal 52 - couldn't get past the first prompt then she posted the second prompt and then the ideas just popped into my head - so I got it laid out at least in my mind - gathered what images etc I wanted to use. So it will be the next thing to do after the rest of my 3 x 5 cards are done.

The documented life project - those washi taped edges in my planner just isn't doing it for me - don't know why - might just be not for me - So the plan is - to do individual pages to put in a 3 ring notebook along with the Journal 52 - Thought about size but you know - might as well be a regular notebook sized - then I might washi tape the edges of those pages to keep them separate in the notebook - not crazy about all those tip in or tip outs but might add one or two along the way...

On both projects I was being so indecisive that nothing much was getting done so I hope I will be done with that part of it so I can enjoy the process. Hated the mess in my fake modori in the planner part. Just wasnt feeling the love.... for it there... 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fake Modori update

Here are pictures of the remake of my cover using the leather like material I found in town yesterday for cheap.

I'm pretty sure this is going to hold up better than the craft foam - We try things and we learn from them.. craft foam is not the way to go..... :)

Heart Booklet Swap

Finally got my heart booklet swap done - at least 10 hearts even though we have 8 players so far - but we got another couple days before the sign up date ends  ( Love holding swaps there - I need to figure out how to add links to the sidebars. Oh well here is what I got finished

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fake Modori Cover

OMG! Got a cover finally made that fits perfect  second try of course - has even a flap - its so freaking cool! I am in love! And I don't say that often... I love the fake leather with my fake modori - need to get a picture!

Saw a video where some one made washie tape with address labels - then one with masking tape on freezer paper and run through the printer -- so I play and made some of those last night... instead of freezer paper I took a piece of acetate and lined up masking tape on it - the ink wasn't dry when I put a sealer on it so it smeared but hey I like it.

Seriously thinking of redoing the planner part of it - beginning to do strange things at the binding side - may just keep going with it.. I want to work on the tabs again - the paper clips are not holding the thin sheet of planner paper - may have to glue them in or reinforce the pages somehow..

Still working on my heart booklet swap - found some small gold doilies to work into them somehow.

behind on The Documented Life project - last week it was doors - this week is selfie and your word for the year if you have one...and I don't do pictures - driver license - that is it

Journal 52 - haven't done that prompt Up Up and away - all I can think of is that movie I took the grand kids to.

Haven't even touched the email one - its mostly writing - that one may never get done.


Had to get out of the house - the sun is shining and the temps are raising - suppose to be nearly 60 tomorrow they say - we will see - so happy the sun is out - grateful that it is - uplifts moods all around.

Went up to a little five and dime store we have in town - you can find about anything you need - odd stuff - if they don't have it - they will order it - Actually went for paper doilies - thought I would look to see if they has some stuff that looked like leather - I found some and got 1/2 yard - black is all they had - So my fake modori will be getting a new cover - actually have enough for several - and it only cost me 2.29 - what a cheap deal - its thick enough, it might actually last a while with the elastic cord being pulled on - not like the craft foam - May even round the corners of all my inserts & cover if this works. Roughly measuring - it looks like I can get about 5 to 6 out of that piece. Ah about 50 cents a cover give or take.. yeah! great deal I think..won't be losing much if doesn't work but the feel of it - pretty darn sure it will work. I am doing a happy dance today!

added note: yes - its going to work out - cut the first cover a bit too short width wise and a bit too long length wise - I know measure twice cut once.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Internet issues

I am having issues with my internet - spotty at most - can get here but can't get there - annoying

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Tabs for the The Documented Journal - These are not totally done - need to add some color and put the months on them.. But its the idea of the paper clips that interest me the most - they are movable..

taken from my phone

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back and forth

Am working on a bunch of things today - some swaps - also got my vanilla beans today so into the vodka they went - oh the smell is so insanely wonderful after opening the package. I also got the attachments for the food saver - so I can vacuum seal my dehydrated stuff in the quart jars.. working on that today - got a pot of stew meat in the crock pot for supper.. so its been a back an forth thing so far today  - stand awhile - sit awhile.

I made some tabs for my journal today - seen something like that somewhere - but I took heavy card stock cut it into 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch pieces - laminated the top part with clear tape - rounded the edges with my corner punch. Then I cut a slit about 1/2 inch from the top edge in the middle to insert a colored paperclip I had. Instant movable tabs for my journals - easy to add a small label of your choice. When I get a chance I will take a photo to show you. So much easier than trying to glue them in the spot I want.

Fake Modori Boo Boo

I tried to put too much in the fake modori and the craft foam has split at the binding. So I will rework it - I think I have a trevek (not sure of the spelling) envelope somewhere to reinforce it.  Also I got a few comments that haven't shown up here yet - will try to figure out how to okay those to show up and answer them.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Can you have too much company?

Really, really wanted to work on my line weaving swaps, but wouldn't you know, company came and occupied most of my day. There are just days like that - actually wanted to lock all the doors and pretend I wasn't home, but since they braved the cold temps and bad roads, it wouldn't have been a good thing. I have a free day but have a list of things that I need to get done before I can "play". I really need to get out today and go to the post office. I need to gather some things to mail to my sister. She sent me her vacuum sealer since she hasn't used it in months and mine is acting wonky. I ordered attachment for hers so I can seal my canning jars. Those should come on Wednesday.  I can hardly wait - I want to seal all my dehydrated fruits and veggies. Hope the weather man is correct and the temps should be above the freezing mark - tired of this cold and snow.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Minus 7

What! Woke up to minus 6 now its minus 7 degrees - and a lot colder up north where my daughter lives - minus 10 -- okay mother nature - I think enough in enough...All I can think of right now is - Oh its not nice to fool Mother Nature - talk about dating myself  :)  Well, its coffee and computer time right now then I will be off to work on some artwork - got some things that need finished up and completed.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


SNOW SNOW - it snowed most of the day - pretty sure we got the 4 - 6 inches they said we would get - that isn't a problem - its this cold  - right now its 10 degrees- bet the wind chill is below 0 - well I got the water dripping so hopefully pipes don't freeze.

Adding Pictures

Okay let us see if I can add pictures to my blog...

 This my Fake Modori made with craft foam & things I already had. Inserts are from a 2014 planner that I bought, printed and bound it myself. I also have one insert that is just mixed media paper. and a freebie daily planner page that I printed and bound. Research on YouTube will come up with all sorts of ideas on how to make one. I like the system cause my inserts are held in with elastic and when I am done with it I can just pull it out and stick another one in...
 The Documented Life Project called for tip-ins with washi tape - I made the tissue tapes with double sided tape and painted masking tape. I actually like the painted masking tape the best because the tissue paper on double side tape is hard to crease.
 This is week one so far - it was about your door - got the paper painted and printed some doors I had.
Opening the door reveals the house I live in - I got it from a screen print from Google Earth. It was taken this past summer.  Sorry its been too cold to go outside for picture taking. Not a completed page as of yet, and they are already on week 2 - I am working it though - no tabs anywhere as of yet.

I tried last year using a small 3 ring notebook for a planner and as always takes some working in it to find what you will use and what you wont. I was finding myself using notepaper and making a list - and not using the notebook -so I found a freebie daily page - the calendar planner part is just where I write appointments and trips in - not much of a writing journalist. I like to splatter paint and collage.. but mostly love my doodling. I belong to  forum and run swaps and challenges over there. So I figure there will be lots of doodles along the way


Walmart was a nightmare - everyone out shopping like this snowstorm would be their last sorta thing. And lately people have been quite rude. In this area that is very unusual. Of course I could not find most of what I was looking for. I wanted another small 3 ring notebook - Now I have seen them in there before, and this time nothing but the tabbed dividers for them. Oh well....

I made myself a "fake modori" I like this set up - had bought a planner to print out, love the docket pages, plus I bound a mixed media booklet to add in there. The cover is a piece of craft foam.

Now on to the facebook projects. I keep changing my mind. So I played with making my own tissue tapes. Some are made with tissue paper and some double sided tape I had. They turned out pretty nice. Then I have done the masking tape and medical tape with stamps and painted. Those are pretty cool looking.. All for the documented life project. Think I have decided to go ahead and tip in pages to the planner I printed out for the "fake modori".

Journal 52 is based on making your own pages to put into a 3 ring notebook - I'm thinking to go ahead and make my own pages for that for the small 3 ring notebook I have.

Root: 30 day journal project will be joined with the Journal 52 - since its mostly writing journal prompts.

So I have decided today thats the way I should go - now sticking to it - no more mind changing - I am hoping.

The snow keeps coming down this morning. I am such the homebody, and really don't mind, but am already wishing for spring and no more snow. We haven't really had that much snow, it is the cold that is messing me up.

Today being Sunday, the only thing I really need to get done is the laundry... so in between loads - I will be doing some more artwork..I need to get those swaps taken care of on that I am hosting. I haven't got my artwork done yet, finally got caught up with my weekly mojo's except for the one from last Wednesday...

Friday, January 3, 2014

Did not forget

Naw did not forget about it - just late - not feeling the best (always the deal when the weather decides to be weird) - did some running around in the snow and cold today and for tomorrow - the dreaded monthly walmart trip - its suppose to snow some more Saturday night..BLAH!  I have worked on some of my art projects this morning but have not finished.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Not feeling it

I played around with the comp book this morning - not feeling it - not at all - so I am going for the 3 ring notebook with pages with my mixed media paper pad - and I think that is it for all projects I want to play along with. I have a black notebook I can use - but I think I will pick another up while at walmart this weekend - just as a spare. I can do my tip in's better by making a fold out instead or a double page -  much neater - now off to work on the first layout - this will be interesting I have a lot of crafting time and I need to keep busy this winter.

Project for the New Year

I have start two projects on Facebook - just trying to get it wrapped around in my head on how I am going to do this- I would like to combine them both. The Documented Life Project calls to use a moleskin planner - no plans on buying new supplies since I have loads around here. I can print out a planner since there are loads of free and cheap downloads, not liking the idea of printer paper to do art on though. I do have a new multi-media paper pad. So I thought about a new composition book - dang pages are thin also - but I have worked in a comp book before for an art journal - gesso and pages together works fine. also can print out planner part and add to the comp book. I like the washi tape tip in's idea so I'm going towards the comp book idea - The second group is called Journal 52 - now she has some ideas I like - three ring notebook - I have plenty - even suggesting a smaller 3 ring binder to keep pages in - that way you can take away pages or put others in. But the comp book idea could work here also but I wont have the freedom of the 3 ring notebook. All in all - I want to be something I can work in regularly.

Last week I have been working on several planner ideas for myself - something has got to click soon. My "fake" Modori came out quite leather here - but craft foam works very well!  I like it -printed out a planner, and some daily docket pages and put in a notebook made of art paper I like to work on. I like the idea you can remove notebooks and add as you please. But I am finding I use the daily docket pages more than the calendar planner part..  My small 3 ring notebook wasn't working for me with the month of December - I was finding myself grabbing any paper to make lists on - a list person I am - love to check things off - and at the end of the day seeing how much I did..

So here I am in a state of being unsure.. but leaning towards the comp book.... for the two projects and the fake modori for my daily docket planner.... so I am off to play again at my art desk - oh can not forget my swaps on  that I am hosting

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The first day of the new year 2014 - have started a few projects I will need the blog for. Hoping not to get lost again.