Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wicked Winter

It seems about the time you think spring has sprung - we get another snow storm - last weekend as an example - it was nearly 80 degrees on Saturday and Sunday we had a raging snow storm with winds howling and below freezing.. Not a good thing to keep motivated and upbeat - at least for me..

The whole purpose of this blog was to show you my art - and have failed.

Over on  I am involved in a Teacup art book - its a collaboration project held by Cindy Angiel. We had 13 sign up so we made 12 pages - each for each of the players - a cover (which was our contribution to our book and an extra set of pages for a book she can sell to recoup her postage fees since she isn't asking for any return postage from us ( plus the black card stock she plans on using to put our little books together) So I have been working on those lately - got them finally finished - just need to pack them up to mail this week.

Really behind on DLP amd Journal 52. I keep changing my mind on how to.  Decided to work in a composition book and do both - DLP is suppose to be in a planner type book - but I can never seem to stick with planners.. Guess I'm not a planner type person. I do write lists of things to do for the day.
I keep thinking just do the prompts - not worry about the planner part.  The Journal 52 - 3 ring notebook and just do a page at a time to put in the notebook.. That was what I was going to do - but the pages are too much it seems - composition book seems smaller but large at the same time. So that is what I am working on this morning - setting it up for trying to get caught up on both.

So that is where I am today...

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