Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cold temps, nurses stopping by, doctors visits, & no sunlight - just trying to get by it seems

Monday, February 3, 2014

Have been working on art lately- slowly it seems - the weather just does not help - we got sunshine this morning but of course there is a huge snow storms coming by tomorrow morning -so I will be out running the errands I need to get done today - this may be my only chance for a bit - Post office is on the list since I have ordered boxes twice now and they wont send. (get boxes today and they will show up tomorrow- anyone want to bet?) Trying to establish online with the post office - since the snow and cold - I can just print postage out and put it out to be picked up - I do have a postage scale.. Maybe my swaps will go smoother or at least that's my thinking- but if they can't deliver boxes when asked - we will see I guess...

Nothing else going on around here but the normal every day things.. just cold and dreary.